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America is the great melting pot, right? Well, that simplistic figure is inadequate
to describe the varied, dynamic, and fascinating amalgamation that is our nation,
but it could work well to capture the essence of a Wiki. Wikis, and other web 2.0
technologies, allow for a namerica_1205741_27111092.jpgew form of collaboration unavailable to us until recent years.

We'll use this technology to help us add a new dimension to our study of American
Literature and to make connections between sections and with the world outside of
Beaver Country Day School.

Students are reminded this Wiki is a classroom space, just like our physical classroom;
the same expectations of decorum, respect, and honesty apply here.

What does "American" mean?
Akhtar's classes responses

Animal Dreams

Animal Dreams Winter Review Work
Akhtar's classes: small group review

The American Landscape Unit:

English 10 walks to Walden
More Pictures of Walden Pond Trip

Reenactment of Thoreau

Thoreau on NPR

TED Talks and Thoreau

"Transcendental Strip Tease" Lecture by Professor Ann M. Woodlief, Virginia Commonwealth University, 1994

The American Identity Unit

Article on Teen Bullying and Suicide from //Boston Globe//

Absolutely True Diary Censorship Debate

The Bluest Eye Resources

Final Project Description

The American Morality Unit

Information on The Crucible and Salem Witch Trials

Two Short Stories

The American Equality Unit

Modern Slavery Resources

Notes on Ted Talk

Do Something: Animoto Project Description

The American Dream Unit

Gatsby Questions

Gatsby background Info and Images

Articles about The American Dream

American Literature English 10 - Neal's Classes

Good Restaurants in Boston

How to find images