TED and Henry and You

As we've been discussing in class, one reason Walden is so widely read today is because so many of Thoreau's ideas still have merit. In this exercise, you'll watch some TED talks that connect with ideas Thoreau was writing 150 years ago. How do they connect? Well that's for you to discuss, via the Wiki.

DIRECTIONS: Watch 1 of the 3 videos below. Each is about twenty minutes, so plan accordingly. As you watch, look for connections to Walden. When an idea strikes you, at any time, pause the video and write a comment below.

In your comment you need to explain how something that was said by a TED speaker connects to Thoreau's ideas. Be really, really impressive and cite some of Walden in your comment. You must make at least ONE comment per video, but we invite you to make more. Also, try to react to peers' comments, too. Good luck!


Chris Jordan pictures some shocking stats

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Jason Flashner, I feel like the work Chris has done might not be focused on the "most important issues" but I do feel that at least he has done something. Not to mention Chris said during his presentation that what he is showing might not be on the mos important issues but they are still in need of concern. I also think that he is an individual so maybe to him what he chose was important. In retrospect the work he has done has put things into prospective especially for me, before seeing these pictures I could not fathom the numbers he was saying.

Sarah Jane- That video was shocking and scary. I know I hear things about the world and they are all moving but this one was especially moving hearing all the numbers. I agree with what he says when he talks about how we make a big deal out of 9/11 when all of these other tragedies are happening.

Brett Gershkowitz, I feel as if Chris Jordan captures some very important statistics. I thought that it was very informative and very scary, the issues we are facing. I had no idea that 1,100 people die each day of cigarette smoking, and that there were that many woman who cared about personal image at such a young age to change there appearance. I also feel as if we do not start changing the world soon with our actions we will be in big trouble in the future.

Yann Arthus-Bertrand captures fragile Earth in wide-angle

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Akhtar's classes: please post your comments under the DISCUSSION tab (above) and "Yann Arthus-Bertrand." Be sure to explain how this video relates to Thoreau and to our American Landscape Unit.

Edward Burtynsky on manufactured landscapes

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Anthony- i like what he talked about it made me think about how i relate to his topic. what i remembered most is when he said forbidden desires and stuff which i thought was cool cause it is human nature to want the things we cannot have. His art is remarkable and it reminds me off how Thorue wanted us to live a simple life. For example if we lived a simple life we wouldn't have all those tires that Edward Burtynsky took pictures of.

Akhtar's classes: please post your comments under the DISCUSSION tab (above) and "Edward Burtynsky." Be sure to explain how this video relates to Thoreau and to our American Landscape Unit.