Do Something: Student Action Against Slavery

The following projects were created by sophomore students at Beaver Country Day School. Simply scroll down the page to view each group's PSA and letter writing campaign.

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Do Something Slavery Social Action Project Description

Do Something Reflection Form

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Lily, David, and Olivia - Forced Labor's Impact at Beaver Country Day School

Lily's letter to President Obama
David's Letter to Carolyn Maloney (Rep. NY, 14th district)
Olivia's letter to iAbolish

Lili's research
David's research
Olivia's research

Olivia, David, and Lily Clothes at Beaver

Noah and Emmy

Emmy's Letter to the UN representative to the Democratic Republic of Congo
Emmy's Research Log
Noah's Letter to the UN reperesentative to the Democratic Republic of Congo
Noah's Research Log

Adam and Kris - The Bittersweet Truth: Chocolate and Modern Slavery

Kris's Letter to Alton Brown
Adam's Letter to Senator Kerry
The Bittersweet Truth Website - Made by Adam and Kris.

Adam and Kris Research - All of the notes compiled in our script

Diego and Carly - Slave Labor in the Music Industry

Diego's letter to Guitar Center
Carly's article for the Beaver Reader

Diego's research
Carly's research

Emily Squared and Lexie - Indirect Support of Modern Day Slavery

Emily L's letter to president Obama
Emily M.'s letter to President Obama
Lexie's letter to President Obama

Emily squared and Lexie research

Tim, Ivanna, and Melissa - Child Labor

Tim's letter to Warren Buffet
Ivanna's letter to Fair Indigo
Melissa's letter to Google
Tim, Ivanna, Melissa researc

Anthony, Brooksie and Brett - Sweatshops

Anthony's Letter
Anthony's Research Log

Brett's Letter to Nike

Brooksie's Letter to Nike
Brooksie's Research Log

Karan and Nizzie

Karan's letter to Senator Cynthia Stone Creem
Nizzie's letter to Emily Sandall Memorial Foundation

Michael and SJ

Sarah Jane's Research Log
Sarah Jane's Letter
Michael's Letter
Michael's Research Log

Mia and Sam

Sam's Letter to Walmart
Sam's Research Log
Mia's Letter to
Mia's Research Log


Mamon's letter to Congressman Delahunt
Mamon's Research Log
Courtenay's Letter to Editor of Boston Globe
Courtenay's Research Log

Jason, Valerian, Sam L.- Sweatshops and Child Labor

Jason's research log
Jason's letter to Rep. Barney Frank

Valerian's Research Log
Valerian Letter

Child Labor In Sierra Leone- Christina and Toast

Christina- Letter
Toast- Letter
Christina- Research Log
Toast- Research Log

Sex Trafficking in the United States - Bruna & John G.

John G.'s Letter<
John G.'s Research Log
Bruna's Letter
Bruna's Research Log

Haitian Slavery Video-Ikey and Taylor

Ikey's letter to William J. Clinton Foundation
Taylor's letter to Red Cross
Ikey Research Log
Taylor's Research Log

Zeke and Ava- End Bonded Slavery Video

Zeke's LetterZeke and Ava's reasearch log
Ava's Letter

Raven and Alexys Sex Trafficking and Child Labor

Raven's Letter to Amanda Kloer
Alexys' Letter to the U.S. Senate
Raven's Research Log
Alexys' Research Log

Raven and Alexys - Child Slavery

Ben, Jordan, and Asa A Forgotten History

Asa's Letter To Obama
Asa's Research Log
Ben: Letter to OSCE
Ben: Research Blog

Jordan's Research Log
Jordan's Letter

Sean and David Sex Trafficking

Sean's Letter to Deval Patrick
Sean's Research Log
David's Letter to Deval Patrick
David Research Log

Ani & Joe LRA/Invisible Children

Joseph's Research Log
Joseph's Letter to John Kerry
Ani's Research Log
Ani's Letter to the Editor of the Boston Globe

Connor and Sam B. Sweatshops

Jake, Ian, and Amanda: Child Sex Trade

Taus and Sam Child Soldiers in the DRC

Annie's video on Child Slavery

Annie's Research Log
Annie's Letter to filmmakers