Modern Slavery Resources

This section of our class Wiki should be used to share resources that will help us in our efforts to fight modern slavery. When contributing material, make an effort to keep it organized in a clear way.

Do Something: Student Social Action Examples
Do Something Slavery Social Action Project Description

Organizations Fighting Against Slavery is perhaps the best site to explore to learn more about modern slavery. Search the different sections for first-hand testimonials, excellent statistics, and other great ideas on what you can do. BE SURE TO SIGN UP AND BECOME A MEMBER!!!!! resources on slavery SIGN UP ON CHANGE.ORG and choose causes you are most interested in. allows you to add your voice with others in order to get politicians, businesses, and other "powers that be" to listen to your concerns. BE SURE TO SIGN UP.

Not for Sale: Learn how you, as students, can TAKE ACTION! This site also has a map of slavery sites in the US.

Even More Resources

Most Useful Sites

Free2Work: A comprehensive database that helps you make educated purchases. It grades hundreds of companies allowing you to gain a better understanding of the goods you buy, avoiding those that profit from slavery.

Child Soldiers: Emmy and Noah made a website to help you learn more about how you can help end the practice of child soldiers.

Companies Making Conscious Decisions : A LIST of fair trade companies who are using fair trade practices and decisions! From FOOD products, to CLOTHING and APPAREL, to JEWELRY and HOME DÉCOR!!! (Recommended by Kris)

Department of Labor report on child & forced labor A 194 page report filed last year by the US Department of Labor listing countries using child and/or forced labor, and EVERY product of such labor.

Thomas Database: Search bills and resolutions at the state and national levels. You can also find out who your government officials are and how to contact them.


Even More Resources

Useful Videos and Images

McLight Slideshow: Images of girls rescued from the sex trade (recommended by Alexys B.)
ILO's Child Labour Slideshow: Startling facts and arresting images that help you learn more about child labour
Images of Slavery: images from the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade era

Example PSA used to guide students in their own work:

Kevin Bales of talks about modern slavery and gives hopeful advice to end it. Notes on Kevin Bales

Even More Resources

Students' final videos and letters

Human Trafficking:

"Behind the Swoosh" a documentary about Jim Keady and his partner living in Indonesia to experience the life of sweatshop workers.

Behind the Swoosh from Jim Keady on Vimeo.

Video with an victim of sex trafficking who has gotten involved and created an organization to end it

Nike Sweatshops: Never say never. (Olivia Dynan)

Nike Sweatshops: Try not to cry

Listen to Mamon explain how to use Creative Commons to find copyleft images that are safe for use: