"But always there was a dark cloud over my enjoyment. I could never forget that he was a slave" (73) - dark cloud
- In the picture the dark cloud symbolizes the lingering idea that he will always be a slave. For a slave they can have a good life and be treated well but will always be a slave and will have that thought in the back of there head. For a gay person they can feel the same thing. For example they can have a happy life but will have the cloud similar to the slave. The cloud will always be that they will never be able to be 100% who they are and be happy people will still look down on them.

"But i begged my friends to let me die, rather than send for the doctor" (89) - man sitting
- In the picture you see a sad man sitting alone. It looks as if he is going though something hard because of the way the picture shows him. There were many cases when slaves were treated so badly that they wished they were dead. They could be whipped and beat everyday and being dead would be better then to have to go through the physical and emotional pain of being a slave. There are many gays that go through such verbal abuse from people that they start to think suicidal thoughts.

"I stole softly down the stairs......and looked out the window. The night was so intensely dark that i could see nothing. I raised the window very softly and jumped out" (108) - man running away
- This picture shows a man running away from home. For a gay person to run away it means leaving everything behind. Having it be completely dark is the same because when you run away your not sure which way to go and what path to take its hard to see and find your way like it is dark.

"For it would ruin me and my family" (113) - woman ashamed
- The picture shows a man and a woman, the woman looks like she is ashamed of the man sitting next to her. For someone helping a run away slave they could get in a lot of trouble with the law and have people think badly of you because you are for slaves being free and be judged. Families with gay children often feel like if this gets out that they will be looked down because of there children.

" But for weeks i was tormented by hundreds of little red insects, fine as needle's point, that pierced through my skin, and produced an intolerable burning" (128) - person hiding in closet
- The picture is of a woman hiding in the closet just like Linda. This shows how awful the condition Linda has to go through when she is in her small cramped space. For gays it can be very hard to be yourself and be "in the closet" because you are not showing and being all of yourself you are hiding a lot of you.

"Season after season, year after year" (163) - picture of trees
- The picture of the tree in all different seasons shows how time is passing. Linda stays in her little cramped room for seven years trapped. Not being able to come out and be comfortable. Many gays feel like they can not come out and stay hidden for a very long time.

"'Your day has come, Linda,' said he. ' I have found a chance for you to go to the free states" (165) - open land
- This pictures shows what freedom feels like. Having all this open space and being completely free. For slaves it was very hard for them to escape their harsh life and be free. The same is for gays. They would want to be surrounded by people who support, accept, and care for them not make them feel bad for being different. Many would go to New York, Province town, and San Francisco. These places are known for being places were gay communities are accepted.

"I did not look back upon the old place, though i felt that i should never see it again" (171) - slave running away
- This picture shows a slave running away from his life. For many slaves it was hard for them to leave even thought they were going to be free from slavery. Many would be leaving there family probably never to see them again. This is the same for gays they would leave there life to have a better one.

"I have heard her say she would go to the ends of the earth, rather than pay any man or woman for her freedom, because she thinks she has a right to it" (216) - hands with butterfly
- This picture shows the slaves having there freedom. The chains show that they are slaves and the butterfly symbolizes there freedom. Slaves believed that they had the right to there freedom because they are humans to. Now gays in the military feel like they shouldn't have to hide the fact that they are gay because the fact that they are gay doesn't mean they are any worse then a straight man.

"I had chosen during half my life, and it seemed as if the chase was never to end" (216) - chained slaves
- This pictures shows slaves all chained together like they will never be set free form slavery and will have to live there whole life without being free. For slaves they felt like they would never stop being slaves and they would have to live there whole life being told what to do and being hurt. Gays can feel this to like they can live there whole life without ever being in a safe environment for them to come out and be confident and have a good happy life.