Chains with red background
  • This picture represents the chains (both metaphorical and physical) that slaves feel constantly. Slavery entails very little freedom, if any; therefore, slaves feel as if they are always chained to their masters, as well as their work. Slaves with extremely harsh masters are sometimes physically chained or handcuffed so that they cannot move or run away. Harriet Jacobs, the author of Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, elaborates on the intolerant life that is slavery. She writes, "Dr. Flint had sworn that he would make me suffer, to my last day..." (Jacobs 92). Jacobs gives us a glimpse into the confines and inhumanity of her life as a slave just by writing this simple line. This picture and this quote are closely related because they both paint a picture of the merciless life that is slavery.

2. Slave and Master
  • This image shows the cruelty and pitilessness of masters toward their slaves. Slave abuse was common and normal in the days of slavery, and masters sometimes harmed their slaves for no reason whatsoever. Slaves received abuse for things such as "going outside after dark, gathering in groups of three or more, leaving their owner's property without a written pass, owning weapons, and learning to read or write" ( The master in this picture could have been whipping his slave for anything from trying to run away to talking to a group with three or more people. This picture is just one of the examples of how merciless masters were to their slaves.

3. Slave with scars
  • This picture shows the aftermath of slavery and how damaging it can be emotionally, mentally, and physically. Slavery can scar someone for the rest of their life; they will never forget the trauma and hardships that they went through.

4. Man with handcuffs
  • This image represents the depression and misery that comes with slavery. Because slaves are continuously tied down, whether it be literally or figuratively, they often become anxious and apprehensive. This leads to despondency and mild depression. As the torture continues, slaves become morbidly depressed and completely dejected. Slaves soon wish themselves and their children to be dead rather than be alive and a slave. Jacobs writes, "The poor black woman had but the one child, whose eyes she saw closing in death, while she thanked God for taking her away from the greater bitterness of life" (23). There is a very abrupt line in Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl that sums up the level of depression slaves experience. This line is: "Death is better than slavery" (74). All slaves wish that themselves and their loved ones be dead instead of go through the suffering that comes with slavery. This picture clearly shows the extent of melancholy that all slaves experience in their dreary lives.

5. Child curled around pole
  • This child is clearly a slave that has been abused and harmed in more ways than one. He is tied around a pole with nowhere to go and no way to move. This photo shows that abuse happens to slaves of all ages, whether they be old or young. The devastation on this child's face shows that he is in pain and doesn't know what to do. This picture is a perfect reason why mothers and fathers want their children dead instead of being a slave. They receive torture such as this. Harriet Jacobs is no exception; she says to her own child, ""O my child! perhaps they will leave you in some cold cabin to die, and then throw you into a hole, as if you were a dog" (92). This picture shows how abominable slave life can be and why adults want none of their offspring to experience what they have.

6. Hallway
  • School is where most bullying occurs; whether it be physical, emotional, or through cyberspace. While cyber bullying can happen anywhere, it originates in school. Rumors get spread throughout the school-day, which are soon turned into death threats and cyberstalking at home.

7. Girl using computer
  • This picture shows how cyber bullying begins; after someone hears gossip about someone, they transform it into a rumor that can ruin a person's life. They then post it on the internet for everyone to see. After it is posted, it is only a matter of time until the victim sees it, as well as everyone they know.

8. Two girls whispering
  • Gossip is the main source of cyber bullying. Have you ever played the game "Telephone"? Gossip is exactly like that. Someone hears something wrong, they pass it on to the next person, who in turn hears it wrong, and so on. A harmless fact about someone can turn into a hurtful secret in under an hour. Because of the heavy use of technology today, rumors like this can be spread all over the world in a matter of minutes. One of the major problems that victims are facing is the anonymity of cyber bullying. Robin Kawalski once said, "With cyber bullying, you can't escape from it. Fifty-four percent of the kids who were bullied said they didn't know who was bullying them on the Internet” ( Today, bullies can get away with anything by using the internet and posting something anonymously on someone's Facebook wall or MySpace blog. This picture distinctly shows how the hurtful cycle of cyber bullying starts; with gossip.

9. Girl crying
  • Cyber bullying has some of the most scarring and vulgar effects on a person that something can have. People have hurt themselves, run away from home, attempted suicide, and worst of all, successfully committed suicide. There have been multiple stories about people all around the world who have killed themselves because they were victims of cyber bullying. Innocent people, whether they be children or adults, have been victims of cyber bullying; most of the time, the target didn't deserve it at all. Cyber bullying can take people away from their loved ones, individuals away from friends, and worst of all, it can take someone away from their family. This picture shows the rush of emotions a person can receive from this horrible issue; misery, depression, sadness, anger, embarrassment, and isolation.

10. Phoebe Prince's Facebook RIP page
  • Phoebe Prince was a perfect example of someone who took their own life because of cyber bullying. She was a young teenager who moved to South Hadley, Boston from Ireland. Her first year of high school, she had a fling with a senior on the football team. The popular girls decided that it wasn't okay that Phoebe had done this, so they decided to "put her in her place". The girls accomplished this by calling Phoebe names, spreading rumors through the internet, throwing food and drink at her, and stalking her both through cyberspace and physically. One afternoon, Phoebe had finally had enough. She went home, walked into her closet, and hung herself. Phoebe was an innocent girl who was just trying to have a normal teenage life. She did not deserve the pain and tragedy she and her family went through because some girls wanted to show her where she belonged. On the Facebook page dedicated to Phoebe, someone wrote: "Like a lot of people, I read about what happened to this young woman and was horrified, and then disgusted to learn that the shallow, vapid sociopaths that tormented her felt free to leave nasty messages about her on this site. I hope someday they come to understand the enormity of what they have done, but I tend to doubt it. RIP Pheobe" (Richard Weston, Phoebe made an impression on many people, and it shows on her Facebook page. Another person wrote, "Kid, my prayers go out to you and the souls (if there are any) of your tormentors. The only good thing is God has good company and you're safe in his arms" (Lincoln Clemny, Many people wrote on this wall even if they had never met Phoebe in their lives. Cyber bullying is one of the most inexcusable crimes that anyone could commit, and it is taking lives all over the world.
11. Video about Phoebe Prince__
  • This video shows the impact that Phoebe had on people all over the country as well as the world. People gathered to protest the death of Phoebe Prince and pay their respects to a victim of one of the strongest hate crimes America has ever experienced.