Which events are most important in Animal Dreams?

  • Codi arrival to Grace
  • The first day of classes...and her memorable classes in general
  • Codi and Loyd meet at a party and begin their relationship
  • Hallie's first letter from Nicaragua
  • Hallie's work in Nicaragua...describe some of it
  • The cock fight scene
  • Stitch n Bitch Peacock Pinata Sale
  • Loyd takes Codi to his boyhood home and to meet his family during Christmas
  • Codi burying her baby
  • Codi and Uda visit the attic
  • Codi visits the graveyard and learns of her true ancestry/Codi realizes her relationship with Donna Althea (and others in Grace)
  • Hallie's death
  • The plane ride where her adrenaline rushing
  • Codi and Hallie's Mother's death
  • Codi decides to stay in Grace

Possible Discussion Questions: Why is Codi so distressed and depressed?

-Doc Homer isolated the girls lives until they left Grace. Was he just being selfish and cruel or was he trying to protect his daughters from one day returning to Grace and sinking into the town?

-Was learning of Loyd's younger brothers death a foreshadowing of Hallie's?

-The author seemed to live out Codi's life through the lives of others, she was always in another persons life. Was this a reflection of her personality?

-How does the title Animals Dreams relate to the book?

-How did Codi's and Loyd's relationship change throughout the book?

-In what ways did Lloyd influence Codi?

  • Do you think that Doc Homer made the right decision by keeping his knowledge of the miscarriage from Codi for so long? Why?
  • What do you think Kingsolver wanted to say from the contrast between Codi and Loyd's relationship versus Emelina and J.T.'s relationship?
  • At the end of the book do you think Codi finally feels a sense of belonging in the Grace community now that she knows her ancestry?

-From Mr. Neal-
1. Why did Barbara Kingsolver break up the narration of the tale, telling some chapters from Homero’s voice and some from Cosima’s? What result does that choice have on the progression of the story?

2. Address the symbolism in Doc Homer’s photographs of things that appear to be something else. What does his hobby reflect about his character?

3. Consider the impact of Hallie’s death. How would the story have changed if Hallie lived? How did her death alter the path of Codi’s life?

4. What attracts Loyd and Codi to each other? How are their lives parallel? Where do they differ significantly? How does each of them complement the other?

5. Please trace the theme of “home” in this story. What does “home” mean to Codi, to Loyd, to Hallie, to Doc Homer? Where do each of them feel at home, feel they belong? Why?