"American Flags" Flags are supposed to represent places whether it be a state or a country. The American Flag is supposed to represent America and how it is a free country. I believe this flag represents how most Americans are taught to have strength and willpower; no matter what obstacles they may face. Even though America is a free country, that doesn't mean that there is no inequity found. There are two strong forces that are used to make changes in the world. Law, and will. "My master had power and law on his side; I had a determined will. There is might in each," (Jacobs 100). The American Flag represents the equity laws, as well as the freewill of the people, to which those laws don't apply. "Woman in wheelchair" I chose this picture of a woman in a wheelchair because I thought it strongly showed one side of the Health Care Reform argument. To me, it showed a person that was in need of help, but possibly couldn't get it. Perhaps she couldn't afford it. Whatever the reason, this picture seemed to show me how people need health care for their own certain situations. Although the situation itself doesn't matter, what matters is that people that need health care, don't necessarily have the right to do so if they can't afford it. "Locked Chain" This locked chain stood out at me because it resembled two things. One was that in slavery, there was no escape for the slaves and hardly anyone at all was set free. The lock was keeping them in, with no way out. The second was that it made me think of how today, that lock would resemble the opposite. It is to keep people out. Not particularly any certain group of people, but with the Health Care dilemma, the lock is keeping the people who can't afford coverage out. Only those that can afford the insurance has the key in. "Group" This picture has a group of people in it. As I observed this picture, I noticed that nobody looked happy, in fact, the people in this picture looked somewhat dejected. They were stuck i this life and were offered no chance of escaping. These people looked like family, and that they wanted a better life for their family. No chains or labor or being full of sorrow and distress. This picture gives off the feeling of sadness and pain. "You desire freedom for yourself and your children, and you can obtain it only through me," (Jacobs 98). Slaves could only be given the chance of freedom from their owner, and that normally wasn't likely. "Public Option Now sign" There was something in this photo that stood out to me. It was this woman's face expression. It's not necessarily happy, but it's not angry. It's strong and filled with courage and power. Right next to her it the American flag. To me, it is a statement about the freedom in America that the flag represents, and the equity people are still looking for. She seems as if she is fighting for something she feels strongly about, which is part of what the American flag represents; strength to stand up for what you believe in. "Am I not a man..." The caption under this photo states, "Am I not a man and a brother?" When I read this, it really struck me. Slavery dehumanized the slaves, and they were treated extremely unfairly. They were forced to labor all day, every day, as well as punished if they misbehaved in the slightest way. "If you deceive me, you shall feel the fires of hell" (Jacobs 71). There was no equity found in slavery. Without a public option, the people that cannot afford health insurance are at quite a loss. They aren't given the equal opportunity to receive the medical attention they are in need of. It is an unfair disadvantage that they are not recognized or given the proper attention a citizen of the USA deserves. "We can't afford to wait" When I found this picture, it showed me how strongly people feel about this reform bill. The people that are having a difficult time getting insurance understand first hand why it is important to make this change. The ones who can afford it may not know how badly others need it. It has always been like this though, people fighting for the change they want to see. They know they can't sit idly by and wait for it to happen. Slaves fought back and eventually won their freedom. With perseverance, things can happen. It's like the saying from Ghandi, "Be the change you want to see in the world." Don't wait around when you feel something should happen right away. "Anti-slavery meetings" and "Health care protest" I know that not everyone is always for the same thing. If they were, then there wouldn't be rallies or protests. Things would just happen pretty quickly. With every cause or "need for change", there has always been and will always be some form of protest against the change. There was the civil war to end slavery, and there are still protests now about not going forth with the health care reform. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. It's reality of life, and it's plain science. These two images specifically showed that to me. "Shackles" Chains are always there to bring us down. Whether it's literal or metaphorical. Chains can come in any form. They are people, groups of people, laws, any circumstance or obstacle are like chains. They are a burden in life but nevertheless, they are always there to slow people down. The ongoing fight for equity and justice has always had chains bringing down those that fight. But still, people don't stop trying, they always find a way to break the chains before the chains can break them. "Lady Liberty" The Statue of Liberty is an American monument. Like the flag, it resembles what we stand for. The USA stands for freedom, equity, and justice. But most of all, liberty. Our nation still struggles to meet all of these standards. There is still a fight for justice and equity, there always has been. But everyday, people can look at the American flag, or the Statue of Liberty and be proud of how far our nation has come to overcome such oppression that people in the country have faced, and still know that there is much more to do. "Tears" Tears aren't a sign of weakness. In my opinion, they are a sign of strength. It is not shameful to show when something is bringing you down. There are so many things in this world that won't go the way we want it to. There are many fights that we can't always win. Fights that make us face our worst fears, or lose things we want or need or even love. Tears are all apart of the journey to get the equity and justice everybody longs for. Whether it's freedom from slavery, or the proper medical coverage needed.