"American" means....

  1. American citizen or in process * (or being here for a long enough time)
  2. Pursuing the American Dream
  3. believing in American ideals (most of the time) *
  4. freedom and rights *
  5. feeling a part of the country
  6. the ability to change
  7. the individual components that make up America
    1. different variations of: race, class, religion, sexuality, landscape, individualism, values
  8. believing in your heart that you are American
  9. following culture and customs and everyday life
  10. feeling at home in this country
  11. a sense of safety/shelter
  12. care for country/ faith in country

Section E:
American means:
  1. identifying yourself as American
  2. part of the culture or counter-culture
  3. being a citizen
  4. play a role in the country -- jobs, taxpayer
  5. respect the laws (what if you disrespect the law?)
  6. feel patriotic
  7. feel love for the country
  8. either born or have ancestry (see #3)
  9. what about illegal immigrants?
  10. some state or gov't issued id
  11. speak English?