Mr. Carroll's Bomb-Diggity Class Agenda

We're having a debate!

Purpose of this debate:
This is merely a way to spark ideas for the papers that we will be writing and a way to collaborate. The paper is required to be a one-sided argument with a decisive opinion.

Here's what you're trying to achieve and what your requirements are:

- The class will be split into two teams. The first team will try to argue that The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian should be censored; the second teams will try to argue that it should NOT be censored.
- Each team should have evidence backing up their claims. You will receive one point for every time your cite a textual reference and/or internet source (not Wikipedia).
- Make sure you keep all of your sources! After the debate we will compile them into a list to post on the Wiki to provide resources available to all students.

Also note that while everybody is expected to be articulate and thoughtful in what they say; nobody is expected to be an expert because this was a sudden decision that people were not notified about in a timely fashion.

P.S. The winners of the debate get candy.

Questions:1.) Were the sexual references necessary? Were they appropriate?

2) Was there a valid reason for the other explicit content in the book? Does the reason justify its inclusion?

3.) If a parent doesn't want their child to read it, but a school requires it to be read what should be done?

4.) Was this book relevant to all people's lives? Can everybody take something from it?

5.) Is this something that would be beneficial for all age-groups to read?

6.) Is the overall message more significant than the minute details?

Resources Used
Hint: Read articles as well as the comments!

- A blog discussing this topic
- Newspaper Coverage of the issue
- Should it be banned? This has lots of helpful comments.
- A wiki on the book with a discussion of its merits
- Miscellaneous Info (Awards, Languages translated to, reviews, etc)