Type your bomb-diggity thesis-like statements that came from the 4-2-1 Brainstorm below. Write your Name in bold and then your statement.


Sarah A - Morrison's message is that people feel stuck within a vortex of violence and see no escape. Disempowered as such, they perpetuate the violence upon one another.

Christina L.- "Everything has a cause and effect" is a really central idea to this book. Morrison shows that a singular event is always caused by many other events in a person's life, and that a singular event always has an effect afterwards, that will effect other events in one's life.

Jonathan M - Love expressed in a hateful scope, relates to the bluest eye in a depressing way, which parallels racism, sexual abuse, as well as cruelty. Author Morrison, is trying to tell her readers to tell her readers that love, can be expressed in many ways, however, love can commonly be shown in ways that are extremely negative. In the Bluest Eye, characters express negative love in a hateful way, the sole reason because they don't know another way.

Valerian - This book has lots of racism and sexual abuse. Many characters in the book experienced events containing sexual abuse and racism. This events affected the way they are later in their life. What happens earlier in their lives form what type of person they will be in their futur

Ava D- "Toni Morrison is trying to people about the self-hatred that exists in the black community, or in any non-white community. She is brining to focus the issues of discomfort with your identity and conflicting ideas about your apperance & the other elements that make up who you are"